Fake Tattoos Can Serve As Well

Run-of-the-mill tattoo designs are easy to fake and therefore easy to doubt. But forging a believably atrocious design with some inkjet tattoo paper could definitely turn some heads. Just be sure add some ointment and optional bandage for that authentic 'fresh' look.

You could always use it to get a sneak-preview before taking the plunge on a real one. Or perhaps you'd prefer to demo some 'sleeves' as shown above.

In a related development by Buzz18.com, Imran Khan's tattoo at the back of his neck in the trailer of Kidnap has caught much female attention. The promo gives a clear view of the new Khan's tattoo, as he turns around and menacingly informs Sanjay Dutt that he had kidnapped his daughter.

There was news that Imran had had the tattoo done especially for Kidnap in keeping with his tough and rugged look in the film. But it turns out, that isn't true after all!

Not many know that the tattoo is a permanent one, which he had got done from a man in Mumbai's Colaba area many years back when so many tattoo parlours weren't around.

Laughs Imran, "It's one of those things I had done when I was 17. It's permanent. We had to hide it in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, as it wasn't in keeping with my character. But my director (Sanjay Gadhvi) felt it went well with the tone of Kabir in Kidnap and decided to show it!"

The clarification should put the mystery behind Imran's tattoo to rest.

Kidnap, the big Id attraction, will be out in cinemas on Wednesday, October 1, 2008. It is an Indian Films-Studio 18 worldwide release.

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