Playing The Game Of Attraction - First Flirt

Flirting is a part of the human body language and also affects our relationship issues. The 1st flirt is about sending out those crucial contact messages, where they can be either acknowledged or dismissed. That is the almost mandatory part of making the important contact.

Women are known for their boldness in initiating of the 1st flirt as it can be read on a woman's body language. That is why it is assumed that women flirt more than men. This to some degree is true since women are in a sense the subconscious flirters. Men also flirt; these are his signals of attracting that lady that he fancies.

Guys flirt is like the 1st flirt, which is in a sense a cat and mouse game. And men are known for their hunting prowess, where they normally want to be the conqueror instead of the conquered. And flirting gives the men a chance to sharpen their hunting wits and enjoy the chase; hopefully they do not end up in their own snare. It is all part of the cosmic effect of dating. And that is why so many books are written and are still being written on the subject of 'How to flirt with girls.' Evidently these books are there to help guys flirt more effectively. But is such a thing possible? Can you learn how to flirt with girls?

Obviously with the sale of the books on the subject of flirting increasing, it might be possible. Maybe there is after all some valuable insight that men can get from these books to help them become more successful in their flirting attempts. Making the contact is important, but the 1st flirt is like a billboard, which if it is very attractive, will invite a pathway that leads to a conversation. It is important to remember that all the signs of interest that a flirt presents should be there. You have to be interested and your body language will speak the words you cannot. Guys flirt is often sexual flirt, which is indicative on their body language. That can be very unattractive to most women, and that is what the flirting books help men realize.

Who are these flirting books aimed at? Well, books on flirting are for the person normally a man or woman who are interested in unleashing their flirting power. It is clear that although flirting is an in-born and natural human attraction mechanism not many people have honed in on the skill. This means that some people are good with the 1st flirt and others need to learn how to use their body especially their face a whole lot more. The reality is that we all can flirt and like sex it doesn't hurt to improve on the natural skills that Mother Nature gave us.

Playing attraction games is a perfectly normal human behaviour. We can only learn how to improve our chances of attracting that potential future partner if we play the game properly. The flirting game has no set rules and it is for this reason that even if you do read books on flirting, there is no real guarantee that they will work for you. After all, flirting is about oozing confidence and being self-assured. You have to feel hypnotic power of your own stare.

The 1st flirt should always be about initiating contact. Adding a smile to your eyebrow lifted sexual stare will attract the kind of attention you want. That will be your ticket to opening or initiating a serious conversation and after that you can play your own destiny cards.

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cletsey said...

Well,we are all know and I definitely agree that flirting is a part of the human body language and also affects our relationship issues. Anyway,good that you shared this so informative blog!

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