Naomi Lay's Sex Tape To Be Released Soon

One of The Apprentice 3's more likely winners, Naomi Lay, is reportedly terrified that a sex video she made with a boyfriend is about to be made public.

The News of the World reports that the explicit 40-minute video was made three years and her ex-boyfriend assured her that it had been destroyed when they split up.

But a source claims the video made its way into a third pair of hands and her because of her new-found fame, she's worried that it will be leaked onto the internet.

Without dwelling on the finer details, the source said the Naomi gives Meg Ryan's performance in When Harry Met Sally a run for her money.

It would seriously harm the reputation of the Cornish 26-year-old and it would be hard to see her winning The Apprentice despite appearing to be one of the most capable candidates.

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