Peruvian teens Can Now Have Sex At 14

Despite the fact that President Alan Garcia has said that he doesn't agree with the age of consent reform, he has agreed to take a closer look at the proposal that Congress has approved before giving his final word.
"I am the father of four girls, I don't believe that at the age of 14 they are in a state where they can approve and weigh the consequences, rationally and responsibly, of an adult's proposal," explained the Chief of State.
President Garcia has stated that the proposed reform has not reached the Government Palace yet.
He has said that he will study his arguments before he presents his observations and that under no circumstances will he let minors be unprotected or abused. "We shouldn't jump to conclusions, when the law arrives then I'll be able to give further information," he declared.
"No mother or father born in Peru will agree with this, it's possible that there are some older single men who like little girls and think this law will open the doors for them to do what they want, personally I don't agree." These were the President's statements when asked for his opinion by reporters.
The President also declared, "I will not let anything happen to the boys and girls of Peru that I wouldn't let happen to my daughters."
Congress ruled in favor (70-10) of an age of consent reform, written by a member of President Alan Garcia's center-left Aprista party, on Thursday June 21.

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