Katie Rees' Sexuality Analyzed By A Feminist Studies Scholar

Okay, enter Katie Rees. Who is she? Katie was born in St. Petersburg, Florida in August 1984. That means she’s currently 22. That means she is, at the moment of this writing, a rather young woman. Okay, Katie held the title of Miss Nevada USA. She earned this distinction because she is very beautiful according to the conventional beauty aesthetic our American culture has created, and, sadly… this beauty aesthetic is rapidly propagating: largely thanks to your local neighborhood Hollywood anorexia bulimia pussy-flashing nip-slipping pill-popping money-wasting celebrity trash culture.

Yes, friends, sorry to get a bit harsh on Christmas day here, but, it really does get tiring. Or, perhaps because it is Christmas day, I am feeling a little more jagged and self-righteous. But, you know, it’s not about self-righteousness! It’s about you and I taking ownership of our world and asking: “How can we make this place a saner, safer, and healthier place for us and our children?” That’s the real question. There are just so many harmful ideals out there… and so many eating disorders… but, back to Katie…

Okay, so, Ms. Rees was Miss Nevada USA, and, she was set to compete for the very prestigious Miss USA 2007, and, many felt that Katie had a superb chance of taking top honors. Well, none of that was to be… In fact, Katie’s glory turned out to be short-lived. You see, she actually only seized the Miss Nevada USA title in Las Vegas on October 8, 2006. So, yes, Katie’s run was quite short indeed. I hope she enjoyed the brief time that she held the title. I mean that sincerely. I feel for the girl. I always feel for women who end up getting railroaded and fucked-over because they have a God-given, natural, human sexuality.

It really gets to the core of what I’m so often ranting against. The way endless violence, bloodshed, and war is so readily acceptable in our sick society. The way depictions of violence and harm to the temple of the Holy Ghost is condoned, but, let a woman’s nipple peek out, and, all hell breaks loose.

And, it makes one wonder, just how on earth did the female nipple get to be on the same level as Satan?

Really, can somebody explain this? You’d think that nipples weren’t something that we were born with… well, ultimately it originates with a lot of Puritan nonsense and our popular perversion of Christianity. The religious version that the far-right is delivering, believe me… this isn’t Christ’s message. I may get a little off-tangent here this Christmas day, but, I read my Bible pretty closely, and, I just don’t remember the sermon that condones the death penalty and gratuitous war while frowning upon stem cell research.

Okay, Katie Rees… on December 20 of this year, some Katie Rees photos turned up… the setting was some, no doubt, dump of a slutty Florida night club, and, in some of the pictures Katie’s beautiful tits and nipples are in glorious plain view, and, in some other pictures she’s sucking on some hottie’s nipples, kissing another woman, and simulating some good old-fashioned pussy-chomping… yummy! And, oh what a beautiful ass Katie has! The only thing wrong and criminal would be if she didn’t show off God’s wonderful work to the world!

Okay, so all of this Katie controversy was obviously right behind all of the Tara Conner controversy. Maybe that got people a little extra hyped-up. Or, perhaps because of the bisexual implications of Katie’s photographs. But, you know, bisexuality, of course, is just as natural as regular heterosexual sexuality, and, some, of course, argue that everybody has some degree of natural bisexuality in their psychological and intangible make-up; but, that’s a little too complicated to get into at the moment!

Okay, to make a long story a bit shorter, after the pictures got floated, the Miss Universe Organization stuck it’s grubby hand out and snatched the crown from Katie’s sweet and human and natural and naturally libidinous head! And why! Because she’s a woman with a pussy who gets a little horny.

So, Katie lawyered up which is what any smart young woman would do. She was fortunate to retain attorney Mario Torres. And, Katie soon made this statement:

“These images were from an isolated incident during my teenage years, long before my consideration to compete in the Miss USA program. While I take full responsibility for the photographs…This incident does not reflect who I am or who I plan to be. I am so sorry this happened.”

Now, I can’t be sure whether Katie really feels that way or not … We can probably feel pretty certain that she wanted to retain the title which she earned.

But, you know, it makes me sad that Katie even had to release a statement like that. The truth is that Katie Rees didn’t do anything wrong. That’s the statement that I’m not seeing in the news sources or blogs that I’ve come across (obviously a small percentage of the blogs out there). But, it remains, she committed no crime, and, all that a story like this ultimately does is again reinforce just what a fucked-up relationship the general American public has with both sexuality and their bodies.

What is Katie’s crime? That she was a young woman with a normal healthy sex drive. That she was a young woman who knew she had a beautiful body and who had a damn good time showing it off in an inspired, no doubt, bout of Dionysian-styled debauchery?

Katie you didn’t do anything wrong. You are just another victim of our sexual pathology.

Hang in there and best of luck to you in the future.

Yours truly,

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