Woman flees from captors and a life of prostitution

Sunita Menon

A 31-year-old woman recently escaped from her captors in Dubai before being pushed into prostitution.

The woman, from the south Indian state of Kerala, who came to the UAE on Saturday to work as a housemaid made her escape while she was being taken by her captors to a flat located in Hor Al Anz.

Chased by her captors, the woman took refuge in a furniture shop.

The shop owner immediately notified the matter to Dubai Police who asked the woman to be handed over to the Indian Consulate in Dubai.

"When the woman came to our shop she was trembling. She kept looking at the entrance. I went outside the shop to see if anybody was coming after her," said Thamben, the furniture shop owner.

Blunt reply

"I saw two men standing outside the shop. They left the scene when a crowd started gathering in front of the shop. The woman later told me that the men were her captors," added Thamben.

Speaking to Gulf News, the woman said she learnt of her being trapped when she heard the agent talking to someone on his mobile phone. "The agent had come to pick me up from the Sharjah airport on my arrival," she said.

The woman said the agent was taken aback when she told him that she had come to work as housemaid.

"He shook his head and bluntly said that I would be entertaining men. From that minute onwards I had been planing my escape," she said.

Then she fell sick due to fear and yesterday the captors told her to get ready to go to the hospital. When the car stopped in a busy residential area in Hor Al Anz, she escaped.

B.S. Mubarak, labour consul at the Indian Consulate said the woman will be given refuge at the shelter house run by the Indian Community Welfare Committee.

"We have taken down all the details from her and forward it to the authorities concerned over here," said Mubarak.

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