Akon And The Game Hit Melbourne Wednesday

Lock up your daughters, folks. Bad-boy rappers Akon and the Game are ready for a whole lot of lovin' when they hit Melbourne wednesday.

The stars of the US rap scene, with appropriately lengthy rap sheets to boot, have included packets of condoms and a love seat on their list of demands to tour promoters.

Confidential can also reveal organisers of the Roc Tha Block tour have been busy scouting Melbourne's top-class gentleman's clubs for the visiting all-star hip-hop line-up.

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The Game, who has recently had a hit single in the US ironically called Let's Ride (Strip Club), is apparently particularly keen to sample the city's infamous King St strip, which friends have told him is a real eye-opener.

The rider also states the Game "requires a bowl full of Snickers bars in the dressing room" before his show at Vodafone Arena.

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Akon on the other hand must have at least 30 spanking new towels on hand at each show and his own personal towel attendant.

Two slabs of Heineken beer, a dozen bottles of swanky Cristal champers and six bottles of ice tea were also requested.

Roc Tha Block, touted as the biggest hip-hop/R&B extravaganza onstage Down Under, nearly didn't get off the ground last month.

Organisers were forced to push back dates after immigration officials delayed visa clearance.

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