How To Carry On Cruising After A Break-Up

Break ups can be hard and there is no disputing that they are very painful. When you are going through a break up you may feel that you won't ever find another person like the one who broke your heart (someday you may be thankful for that) and you may even feel that you will be alone forever. Well, break ups are hard, you will survive, you'll be fine and you will emerge a stronger, smarter, better person because of it. In the meantime, follow these "break up guidelines" to help get you thorough.


Go ahead, it's OK to cry, get mad, throw stuff. Don't hold in your feelings, just let it all out. Yell, scream, do whatever makes you feel better. You may not want to post anything to the world wide web just yet, though, give yourself some time before you start blasting the person who ripped your bloody, beating heart from your body on your blog. Go ahead and put your pain on paper, but don't put it on the web right away. Things may look different in a week or so. Just chill for a while, but feel free to cry, scream and be mad as much as you want.

Take a Weekend to Regroup

Take a weekend, a week, as long as you need to regroup. Eat ice cream/oreos/pizza, cry, watch soppy movies, do whatever makes you feel better. Get some friends to come over and hang with you if that makes you feel better. This is your official time to wallow, feel sorry for yourself and maybe even hate a little. This is an important time to relax and let your feelings rise to the surface. Allow yourself to hurt, allow yourself to be angry. This is your time.

Write a Song

Writing can be very cleansing. Write a song, write a poem, write a bunch of random words, it will make you feel better. But if you are thinking about posting your writing to your blog or online journal, you might want to hold off. The knee-jerk emotional reaction can cause you to post things in public that you may regret later. However, if you are writing on paper, knock yourself out! Write a song about how you feel. The song "I'm Sorry You're Ugly" by Ligeia and similar verses probably started out just this way.

Get Back on the Horse

After you take some time, go ahead and get back on that horse. Go out and have fun. This is really not the best time to start a new relationship, but it is a good time to play the field. If you do meet someone who is interesting to you, someone you think you would like to have a relationship with, take it slow. You do not want to go with someone on the rebound and wind up getting hurt again. Keep your heart to yourself for a while and give it time to heal before you put it out there again.

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