James Kannis' 'Fake Internet Wife' Says "Am Sorry" For The Prank

THE girl posing as the fiance of Australian Idol favourite James Kannis has apologised for the "stupid prank".

The admission came after Kannis told Confidential that "news" he was about to wed girlfriend "Jemima" was in fact the fabricated online delusions of female groupies.

Fairytale cyber romances are causing increased alarm among stars, whose lives are being hijacked on the web.

Wannabes have created a worrying new trend, where they make fake lives for themselves that have damaging consequences for those dreamt into their fantasies.

This morning "Jemima" emailed Confidential, saying: "I am sorry for making up that I was engaged to James Kannis. It was a stupid prank."

Of course, it could be yet another prank in this particular Kannis of worms, but sources suggest that at least the apology is genuine.

Jemima had been reported in some quarters as Kannis' girlfriend of three years.

"News" of their impending wedding had even made it into a Wikipedia feed.

In the apology today, "Jemima" also claimed to be the "Amanda" who has been passing herself off to media as his cousin.

Earlier, Kannis had told Confidential: "They are two fans I thought were nice girls, but are obviously crazies."

The two fans had been bragging about the identity fraud to friends on MySpace.

Kannis contacted Confidential to clear up the claims, after being inundated by family about the wedding plans.

"My phone's been running off the hook with family and friends asking me when was I going to tell them about my engagement," the bachelor said. "The idea I wanted attention for the relationship was even weirder."

Kannis is not the only Idol name to run into problems with pranksters.

Earlier this month we reported that Idol judge Mark Holden wa seeking police help to protect his family from contestants upset at missing out on a shot at fame.

Holden had been targeted by deranged pop wannabes who are bombarding his Melbourne home with phone calls throughout the night.

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