Thai to get 25 mil Baht for nude scene

The buttocks of Thailand popular singer "Ta Ta Young" has caught the eyes of Hollywood, she was invited to star with the famous Nicholas Cage with an offered of 25 Million Baht. The singer has gone through casting and waiting to see whether this will clash with her concert or not.

After proving her sensuality, especially with her new single album "Al Nin-Yo". That has stunned the Thai with the costume revealing her rears and her provocative dance movement. Lately the international singer "Ta Ta Young" was invited by Hollywood to play in a movie as leading actress.

The Hollywood team was impressed by her work and has agreed to accept her for the leading role with an offer of 25 Million Baht, which is considered to be the highest. As for Nicholas Cage after having seen her work, he told the team that he would very much to like to work with her.

Sources said that personally "Ta Ta" has discussed with the team and informed them that she would like to work in this movie. But when they tried to contact her again to make an agreement,it appeared that "Ta Ta" was a bit doubtful as it would involved traveling to many countries to film the movie, she was afraid that the trip will clash with her new single album concert.

Close sources to "Ta Ta" said that the team is willing to give the Thai singer an opportunity and time for decision making as to whether she would really like to play in this movie.

For the filming in Asia the actress would have to wear a swimming suit but for the scene overseas the best shot would be she has to go naked. "Ta T a didn't seem to have any problem with this, the only thing that concerned her and left her indecisive is the concert schedule." The source said.

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