'America's Sexiest Newscaster,' a Filipina

Perry Hagopian

Florida-based WSVN-Channel 7's Elita Loresca won the title ''America's Sexiest Newscaster'' in an online vote by readers of FHM magazine. Loresca is pictured in the October issue - in rather revealing attire.

''Elita has done more than Ace Ventura to protect South Florida,'' the magazine quips. ``And she has also done it with a better figure than Al Roker.''

Loresca, 29, born in the Philippines, is a former obit writer for The Orange County Register, FHM says.
Among Loresca's quotes: "People in Miami embrace curves. . . . Here, I can wear a cute sweater and still be professional.''

She also talks about getting hired at Channel 7. 'When I auditioned, they wanted to know if I could deal with anything thrown my way -- then we had hurricanes every week for my first six weeks. I repeated stuff I heard the night before on The Weather Channel; I'd mention `northeast quadrant' because it sounded smart. I even went to the bookstore and got a copy of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Weather.''From the Q & A:

Is life in the newsroom like Anchorman?''It is so like Anchorman. To people watching, everything you see looks professional. They don't know what happens on set. This morning we were singing Nelly Furtado's Promiscuous before we cut to a breaking story about President Bush talking about North Korea.''Courtesy FHM

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