China's relaxed attitude towards sex

Chinese sociologists said that the country should promote bolder attitudes toward sex, but that wife-swapping was off the agenda, state media reported Monday.

Chinese attitudes toward sex have relaxed in recent decades, triggering a boom in extramarital relationships which the Communist Party has blamed on bourgeois mores imported from the West.

"Wife-swapping should not be promoted to the public as it will lead to the spread of HIV and Aids and other sexually transmitted diseases," the China Daily quoted Zhang Feng, a family planning official, as saying at the fourth Guangzhou Sex Culture Expo at the weekend.

"Neither the sex forum nor the expo should provide a platform for advertising bold and unacceptable views to the public."

Zhang's comments echoed the views of other speakers but contrasted the views of Li Yinhe, a sociologist who last year said that wife-swapping was a "normal kind of entertainment" and that "all couples should have the right to do it."

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