Indian men show mixed-up attitude to sex

Muneeza Naqvi

For a group that has grown up in the land of the Kama Sutra, most young Indian men are a conservative - and often confused - lot when it comes to sex, according a survey last week.

The study of young mens' sexual attitudes published in the India Today magazine showed 63 per cent expected their future wives to be virgins. However, 46 per cent of the men polled said they had had premarital sex, and 47 per cent said sex was very important in their lives. Some 34 per cent said they would have sex "anytime, anywhere".

Much of India remains relatively traditional when it comes to sex. In many parts of the country, even talking about it is still considered taboo. But attitudes are slowly changing and annual sex surveys have become a regular feature in magazines.

Half the 2,559 men polled for India Today said women who wore revealing clothes were sexually liberated, and nearly 62 per cent said they watched pornographic films with friends.

Although homosexual sex is a crime in India - and prejudices remain widespread - 37 per cent said they had had at least one homosexual experience.

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