Chinese blogger solicits penis pictures

Justin Mitchell

In the beginning there was Mu Zimei, who in late 2003, kicked off an international socio-sexual stir ("Sex, please! We're young and Chinese!" screamed Time Magazine two years later) as the first Chinese woman to publicly blog about her sex life after she posted a snarky tale about her brief, unsatisfying doggy style tryst with would-be cock rocker Wang Lei in an alley outside a Guangzhou nightclub.

And Mu Zimei begat Furong Jiejie or "Hibiscus Older Sister" who, though decidedly unattractive, had the, ovaries and large tah-tahs to post assertive, silly hoohaw about herself while striking provocative, yet PG-rated positions online and enduring the parodies and sneers that resulted.

And Hibiscus Older Sister begat a knockoff version, Juhua Meimei (Chrysanthemum Little Sister) who in turn begat Liumang Yan, a middle aged blogger who bravely posed in the all together along with (obvious) advice on how to seduce men.

Late 2006, brings Hai Rong Tian Tian, a Hubei native and Tujia Chinese minority, who in addition to saucy poses, is soliciting pictures of (Soft only, please! We're Chinese!) mens' members. Since late October when she last counted, Hai had received more than 2,000 limp dick pics. And they keep rolling in, despite critical hits she's taken on her blog.

In a recent interview with China Youth Weekend, she talked about her obsession and what she hopes to learn from it. Essentially, she said, it's about understanding the root of "men's power." (In another attempt at getting down the the heart of the matter, Hai said she also tried to work a week as a prostitute, but gave up after four days in which her only client was a "very skinny guy from Taiwan who wasn't very experienced." She's also posted -- but since removed -- nude pictures of herself and her mother posing together.)

''I used to think about why women have such low status? Why young, beautiful, women in China have such low status. I thought it must come from the opinion of men," Hai said. "And I wanted to find the root. Then I decided that the way they think of women is is only through sex. A typical Chinese man thinks a woman's body is only for his penis, his joy. So I wanted to study the root.''

Her conclusion after viewing more than 2,000 soft noodles? "Penis worship is exaggerated."

The pictures, she said, showed her that men are "not that powerful or authoritative. They actually made me feel impotent ... not because I got tired after looking at 2,000 pictures ... I feel the same when I see a penis in real life.'''

Hai said she solicited soft, rather than hard versions, for reality's sake. "I think an erection is just a moment. I want to see how men are most of the time, but I may compare these pictures with erect ones in the future," she said adding that she is looking for someone to help her stage an art exhibit based on her concept.

"An erect penis is a momentary power, it doesn't make any huge change. It's exaggerated."

Hai isn't anti-male, however and credits the men who've virtually exposed themselves to her as "very brave" and, despite some venonmous online comments, counts her readers and contributors as "friends."

'' I don't want to hurt anyone," she siad. "I am neither sexist nor feminist. Although I don't have any penis worship feeling by looking at those pictures, I still respect men. I still love them," she added laughing. "I don't want to hurt them, I just want them to think."

Hai called her Internet fans "bone ash fans" - meaning they will be friends until she dies and is cremated - and said she hopes sharing her body, feelings and intimate thoughts brings deeper feelings than simple lust or sheer hate.

As for her critics, Hai said she forgives them. They know not what they do.

" A lot of people left comments at my blog, like I should 'eat shit.'" she said. "I realize that their reaction is not just because I did this, it is more because of their different cultural background which is something I can't change. So I don't care.

"What I brought to people, such as my body, my words, my music are very precious stuff coming out of my hard work.. I don't need to bring out shit.

"I understand why they said that. They probably have to be very obedient in real life. Its okay for them to relieve themselves on the Internet. They just didn't say that they had to kill me."

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