Japan's oldest profession sees slide in work ethic

Ryann Connell

Changes to the law regarding adult entertainment earlier this year were supposed to be a boon for Japan's burgeoning call girl industry, but they've been a flop, according to Weekly Playboy.

With the tightened law cracking down on sex services that have storefronts, hoteheru, the business where women visit customers waiting in places like love hotels was supposed to skyrocket, but the poor quality of worker is having an adverse affect, the weekly says.

"I use a lot of other rivals' services, just to check out their performance, y'know. And what really stands out is that the quality of girl working for them is disgraceful. They show no inclination to open up to you, don't even try and have a conversation and seem to just want to get it over and done with," an ejaculation industry insider tells Weekly Playboy. "It's become the norm for girls to complain of having sore throats and refusing to perform fellatio. Others have absolutely no qualms about telling paying customers they won't do it at all. You can't possibly ask them for sumata (a technique where a woman uses her thighs to masturbate a man). Even if you show them how to do things, they just say it's a bother learning them and offer me (illegal) intercourse."

A reporter with 12 years experience using Japan's adult services elaborates on the recent trends that have been affecting the sex industry here.

"There are many girls who go all the way, who'll go on dates with customers and do other good stuff, so there are plenty out there who enjoy what they have to offer. The problem is the attitude in which service is performed. It's at the worst level ever," the reporter says. "They're supposed to be professionals, but they're puerile. If the cops don't start cracking down on hoteheru, they'll be dominating the sex business by 2007."

As hoteheru have become the main form of servicing customers, the number of workers who don't provide the services the industry was once famous for is increasing.

"Storefront sex services had shifts with the popular women getting the most lucrative work times, which meant if customers didn't like you, there was no chance of getting put on a roster for weekend work (where the best money can be made). All the women had to compete to make money," the hack continues. "But with hoteheru, the women only have to sit around for a while and wait for the customer to call. It's become totally normal for girls to turn up for work hours later than they were supposed to. They walk all over the weaker operators who tell them they aren't allowed to have dyed hair or tattoos."

A 19-year-old girl working in Tokyo's Shibuya district as a hoteheru is dismissive of the claims."Hey, I'm working in the sex business and still only giving (her pimp) 5,000 yen a pop," she tells Weekly Playboy. "I hate fellatio and sumata. Rather than do them, I'd rather go all the way and get paid a bit more on the sly."

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