Japan: Surefire ways to lure the ladies

Ryann Connell

'Will Tokyo' is a love hotel in the capital that has the perfect answer following a session of breathtaking sex -- pure oxygen pumps, according to Spa!.

Pure oxygen is supposed to relieve fatigue, cleanse the skin and have beneficial dietary effects. Inhaling it is also one of the latest trends among Japanese women, giving Will Tokyo a leg up among guys looking to get a leg over but needing to promise their partners something a little more enticing than just a romp alone.

Just 10 minutes sucking on the pure oxygen pumped out of the small machine placed beside the room's double bed is supposed to refresh and relax couples following their roll in the hay.

Many women have started regarding love hotels as gaudy, tasteless dens of iniquity, prompting many establishments to clean up their acts and get rid of sleazy gimmicks. Will Tokyo's Oxygen bar (Room 201) is just one of the growing number of love hotels setting up special equipment to make it easier for men to convince their female partners to go there for something other than simply sex, according to Spa!

Sanzi, a professional street-side tout who claims to woo over 100 women a year into his bed, offers his advice on how to convince women to appreciate the charms of gimmicky love hotels.

"The second you mention the words 'love hotel,' women will start thinking that sex is the only thing on your mind. If she's got any sort of pride, she'll turn you down immediately. That's where you need to think a bit. Tell a woman who likes movies, for instance, that you guys can go to a room with a 100-inch projector but it's in a love hotel and she'll be more likely to go there because it seems the reason for doing so is to watch a movie and not just bonk," Sanzi tells Spa! "Putting it simply, you've got to give a woman a way to save face and not look cheap. That's what makes choosing the right love hotel so important."

If considering love hotels on a sliding scale, then, it's hard to go past Room 216 at Hotel Prius in Tokyo's Taito-ku. The room is not only equipped with a hot spring said to be a remedy for ailments like skin diseases, fatigue, muscle soreness and "women's problems," it also has a waterslide on which couples can whiz down and splash into the pool.

Also on the water theme is Oita's Hotel Sky Paradise, which is effectively two little cottages built above an artificial lake. Customers are carried out to the cottages on a boat and can rent out the cottages for as little as 3,780 yen for the quickie three-hour session.

And if speed is your thing, it's hard to go past Room 505 at the Towers Hotel in Osaka, which boasts of having its own go-kart and 3-meter-square circular track to allow for a buzz between bonks.

While the object of love hotels is to get one in a hole, Hotel Stellar in Tokyo's Umejima provides lovers with the chance to also get a hole in one, courtesy of its golf driving range located in Room 303. With five clubs to swing with, the indoor driving range presents couples with the opportunity to work up a sweat before enjoying their links. With golf continuing to grow in popularity among Japanese women, amorous young men may also find Hotel Stellar an ideal place to try and score a birdie.

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