The Devil's False Religion

Certainly your preacher or minister has informed you about the fact that the devil has created false religions to lead man onto the path of evil. Obviously, we must keep our eyes open and our minds alert, so we are not led into wrong beliefs, no matter how appealing they are advertised to be.

But, how would you recognize the devil's false religion? First of all, you must realize that true evil does not jump out and say "hey, let's go do some evil!" While such "open" Satanists might exist, they are often just a diversion in the devil's plan. If you are proud of yourself because you can "recognize" such evil and avoid it, you are a fool. True evil masks itself with the words of peace and love and forgiveness.

After all, the worst atrocities in history have been done by people who thought they were serving a righteous cause. Almost never do people willingly serve causes they feel are evil.

So, what would be the signs of the devil's religion? A religion perfectly designed to lead ignorant people into evil, while convincing them they are defending a moral cause? Here are the characteristics which would ensure the acceptance and spread of a false religion. It would be:

  • A religion that teaches, no matter how evil you are, as long as you bow to the correct "God" you will be rewarded.

  • A religion in which you do not have to make amends with the people you have wronged in order to be rewarded; asking forgiveness of your "God" is enough. You may even have the satisfaction that your victims will be punished divinely if they do not forgive you and join you.

  • A religion whose "God" promotes slavery, Ethnic Cleansing (including mass rape) and merciless persecution--as long as these crimes are only aimed at nonbelievers.

  • A religion in which the "God" sets the standards for human behavior, but ignores the fact that He manages to break all of the commandments that He is logically capable of breaking.

  • A religion in which "right" and "wrong" are determined only by the whim of a "God" who commits genocide by flood and runs a supernatural death camp.

  • A religion which teaches that you can hate a person's mind and their sacred beliefs, despise their God-given genetic flaws and weaknesses, be so ashamed of the God-created human body that you ban all depictions of nudity and sex, and be disgusted at the thought of any evolutionary connection between yourself and any of God's other creatures--and yet you can still claim to "love" people and all of God's creation.

There will also be historical and cultural clues to which religion is the devil's evil faith. Any student of human history should watch out for any religion that has the following characteristics:

  • A religion that causes crimes against humanity for 1600 years, but nobody mentions it because dead infidels can't dispute revisionist history.

  • A religion whose members whine all the time about the sporadic attempts by other religions to fight back with the same methods, which of course failed because the heathens did not have the same skill at vicious and methodical persecution.

  • A religion which champions "religious freedom" when its missionaries are restricted in infidel nations--but which itself seeks to become the state religion and campaigns to crush all heretics in nations where it dominates.

  • A religion which spreads its good image by doing charity work in impoverished nations--which were made that way because of conquest and subjugation by the forces of the very same religion.

  • A religion which promotes its progressive, literate, sophisticated nature to primitives because its followers blindly worship an old book as their false god instead of a golden calf or stone idol.

  • A religion whose followers manage to be on both sides of every moral issue so that just in case the morality of a civilization improves, the religion can claim to have been a cause of it.

Now you know the warning signs of the devil's false and evil religion. It is up to you to be vigilant, and protest the spread of any religion which displays these characteristics.

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