What do I do if she says she has a boyfriend

First of all, in your initial meeting with a woman, don't go out of your way to ask if she has a boyfriend unless it is part of the conversation. Asking about it will give her the impression that you're trying to get with her and your approach will lose some strength.

A woman will introduce the boyfriend (real or not) into the conversation mostly in 2 ways:

1.) "I have a boyfriend."
This is usually given as a response to you asking her for something - "Can I have your number?", "Let's go out.", "Let's get to know each other better.", etc.

If that is her first response, you have not done enough work to attract her or you have supplicated to her (asked her for something - her number, a date, whatever) and did not structure an opportunity for her to get with you rather that you trying too hook up with her. At this point, don't give up (especially if you seem to be setting up some good rapport). Rather, regroup, refocus, and reframe the situation in your mind. Don't make her boyfriend mention a big deal and simply keep building up your personality. Don't tell her you're a super/great/awesome guy. Show her by your actions, your mannerisms, your confidence. Give her the subtle impression that whoever ger boyfriend is, he doesn't have what you have. He can't offer what you offer. Then, instead of supplicating to her again (asking for number, blah blah), structure an opportunity. If she doesn't take the bait, move on.

2.) "Yeah, blah blah, my boyfriend did that the other day. Blah blah." A lot of the time when a woman mentions her boyfriend (real or not) in this way (as part of her conversation rather than as an excuse for not getting with you), she is doing 2 things. She is asserting her desireability and quality, and she is testing to see your reaction. Treat it as simply part of the conversation. Remember, just because a chick says she has a boyfriend does not mean he makes her happy, satisfies her, or is meaningful to her at all. Women choose to be with someone and they can choose to not be with that someone and be with you.

Your job is to attract her, get her excited about you, then structure an opportunity for her to get with you.

Lastly, don't worry too much if she has a boyfriend or not. Just use your sincerity to touch her. Remember, don't force her to make decision, it might screw up everything.

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