Heather Mills Gets A Divorce Settlement Of $57 Million From Paul McCartney

Former Beatle Paul McCartney has offered his estranged wife Heather Mills a divorce settlement of £25 million ($57 million), the Daily Mirror reported today.

Quoting unnamed sources, the tabloid said that McCartney initially offered Mills between £3 million and £5 million, but Mills's legal team had negotiated that up to the current offer, with one source saying "it's the closest they have been" on settlement sums.

"There has been serious wrangling going on behind the scenes for months and months and months and he [Mills's lawyer Anthony Julius] has finally managed to get them to hike the package up to about £25 million," a well-placed source told the paper.

"There is no guarantee they will settle but it's the closest they have been."

The pair's legal teams were still negotiating the details of the deal, including a confidentiality clause that McCartney had insisted Mills sign, the paper said.

Media reports have suggested that Mills was seeking up to £60 million from McCartney's reported £825 million fortune to end their marriage, which collapsed last year.

McCartney, 65, and Mills, 39, a former model who lost a leg in a 1993 road accident, married in 2002, four years after the musician's first wife, Linda, died of breast cancer.

Since they split last year, the couple's divorce has been played out acrimoniously in the public eye, with Mills saying in March that securing a divorce deal was like "getting blood out of a stone".

On the £25 million offer, an unidentified source close to McCartney told the Mirror: "His [McCartney's] legal team knows a judge is unlikely to award Heather a package of much more than about £25 million so he has offered that and now all he has to do is sit and wait.

"It's now in Heather's hands. Paul has always been prepared to go all the way, but if it can be sorted out before then, he's not going to stand in the way."

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