Zac Efron Maintains Silence Vanessa Hudgens' Nude Pictures

High School Musical heartthrob Zac Efron is happy to subject himself to an inevitable sliming at tomorrow night's Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards.

But talk of his co-star and girlfriend, or ex-girlfriend depending on what reports you believe, is off limits.

A scandal involving nude photos of the Disney pin-up's partner Vanessa Hudgens coincided with Efron's recent trip to Australia to promote his other musical hit, Hairspray.

Today he returned to the Australian spotlight to plug the Kid's Choice Awards, which he will co-host with Los Angeles-based Australian musical twins The Veronicas.

While cooperative when quizzed on his knowledge of Aussie slang - only being stumped on obscurities such as lamingtons and ute, which he thought would be a boat - he stone-walled the media when it came to the mention of Hudgens.

"I never talk about my private life," he said.

After the awards Efron said he was going the "chill" in Australia, but revealed only that he would be somewhere near water in a bid for some privacy during his stay.

"I've been here more than most people I know, but I've never had the chance to just hang out," he said.

As for The Veronicas, Lisa and Jess Origliasso, they are more than prepared to embarrass themselves on tomorrow night's show, but may be in for a rude shock after saying they hoped to escape the green goo that greets celebrities on editions of the Nickelodeon show around the world.

While the awards are held tomorrow night they won't be aired until Thursday.

Voting is carried out entirely by the children of Australia, or an adult who helps them navigate the Nickelodeon website as they chose their favourite celebrities in categories covering music, TV and movies.

Special awards for "fave hottie" and "fave celebrity duo" will precede what has been dubbed The Big 3, the "so hot right now", "biggest greenie" and "fave Aussie" award.

Guests could provide clues to potential winners, with The Veronicas nominated for "fave celebrity duo" and "fave band".

Lisa's boyfriend Dean Geyer is a chance for "fave male singer" and up against Jennifer Hawkins, Lucas Neill and Natalie Bassingthwaighte in the "fave hottie" category.

Other guests include World Wrestling Entertainment stars Torrie Anne Wilson and John Cena, whose brand is nominated up against Efron's High School Musical 2 for the "so hot right now" gong.

Jess Origliasso said "fave Aussie" will be the most hotly contested category, with the diverse choice of Bindi Irwin, Hugh Jackman, Kate Ritchie and Rove McManus.

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