Transsexual Fights For Legal Recognition As A Man

Mohammed Aslam

A woman fighting for the right to be legally recognised as a man will travel to Thailand in December for her final sex change operation.

She now expects to win her legal battle after a medical report concluded that she is neither male nor female.

The report, compiled by a Public Prosecution doctor, found she was suffering from a gender identity problem and had no female reproductive organs.

She also has a higher percentage of male chromosomes in her body than female chromosomes, as well as "obscure external genitals".

Her lawyer described the medical report as a major breakthrough in her case.

"This is a great step forward in this case," lawyer Fouzia Janahi told the GDN.

Her client is seeking to officially change her sex from female to male, as well as change her name from Zainab to Hussain.

If she wins the case in the High Civil Court, she will qualify for a new CPR card, driving licence and passport with her new male identity.

The woman, who has already had a mastectomy, previously submitted 11 medical reports from Al Khalidi Medical Centre, Jordan, and one each from the Ibn Al Nafees Hospital and Shifa Al Jazeera Medical Centre, Bahrain, at two court hearings last year.

She is suffering from a condition known as gender dysphoria, where people identify with the opposite sex to the one they were born with.

The woman was previously engaged to be married, but the relationship ended when her partner noticed she was more like a man.

Her lawyer said she had suffered considerably as a result and had not been accepted by either men or women.

"Now, only one last cosmetic operation remains to convert her completely into a male with male reproductive organs," Ms Janahi said.

"She will travel to Thailand in December to undergo this final second cosmetic operation to complete the remaining requirements to turn her into a male. "The medical report that we will get from Thailand after this second operation will be submitted to the court and it will then issue an order to change the gender of Zainab from female to male in all her official documents. "The Medical-Legal Department doctor will receive the medical report from Thailand and after inspecting her will forward his final report to the Third High Civil Court, which will issue its judgment and (hopefully) order the change in the official documents and in all her identification papers."

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