Sex- Tainted Television Programmes, Destroying American Society

Roberto Carlos Alvarez-galloso

“Once we turned it on, we watched whatever was on, one thing after another,” said Haruna. “We wouldn’t turn it off until we were ready to go to bed.” Some say: “I just can’t keep my eyes off it,” and others, “I don’t want to watch TV as much as I do, but I can’t help it.” Do you watch too much television? Are you concerned about the effect TV may be having on your family?

TV Programmes in US are full of sexual innuendos; the Hollywood conglomerates believe that sex, drugs and violence are money-spinners. Love for family or for that matter, life for life takes a backseat. The soaps of US Latin TV stations are no better.

Current television programs in America are full of sexual innuendos either by design or by accident. The conglomerates of Hollywood claim that sex, drugs and violence are moneymakers. The people who watch television hour after hour swallow the garbage that comes out of it and imitates it.

The television programmes of the Twenty First Century do almost nothing to promote love for family or love for life. It is always sex, sex and sex in America. Who can forget a certain episode in "Desperate Housewives" [which is a show promoting adultery] where the housewife asks of the plumber, "are you here to fix my pipes?” The same programme also shows the housewives Marcia Cross and Eva Longoria complaining that their husbands “do not give it to them"; it also shows them hopping from man to man like prostitutes.

On the few occasions I have seen television in America [except for certain stations and even then I prefer the computer and the short wave radio for better in-formation and entertainment], I gained the impression that the women in America are like the ones you see on TV.

Regardless of the language spoken, almost all of US TV spits out pornography and sex. This also includes the US Latin TV stations whose soap operas are good at promoting adultery.

I am reminded of the experience of a friend of mine who acts in US Latin soap operas as well as US Anglo-Saxon soap operas. The director wanted her to do a nude scene behind a curtain. She refused, so a compromise was reached - she would do a love scene in a bathtub full of water, wearing wet white T-shirt, wet blue jeans and showing her bare feet. Personally, I preferred that to the nude scene, which she felt, was degrading.

At the rate we are going, there is always going to be sex on US TV. What I ask of the viewers is to boycott stations that refuse to listen to us so that there could be more family-oriented programmes. I have turned off US TV myself so I can listen to TV and radio via the Internet, such as programmes from India, Great Britain, Costa Rica, Estonia, Portugal and other countries in South Asia.

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