The Healing Powers of Sex

Dr. Reed Moskowitz, director of New York University Medical Center, author of "Your Healing Mind", says studies show that sex can bolster the immune system, relieve pain, ease some types of migraine headaches and have important psychological benefits. In sex, the body releases its powerful endorphins, natural pain relievers which create a healing, relaxing situation for the whole body.
Dr. David Sobel and Robert Ornstein in their book "Healthy Pleasures" document studies showing the connection between sex and good health. "Love, Sex and Your Heart" shows sex can reduce heart disease.
Dr. Dudley Chapman, professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Ohio University did a study showing those with intimacy in their lives had better levels of T cells- the while blood cells that effect the immune system.Other studies show sex on a regular basis reduces stress, helps alleviate PMS in some women, and that Orgasm is a natural analgesic. Researchers debate the mechanisms of sexual first-aid. One theory is that the endorphins activated by orgasm travel to receptor sites throughout the body and produce a morphine-like effect.Sex is extremely important for good mental health shows a long term study of 37,500 adults at the Institute forAdvanced Human Sexuality. People with fulfilling sex lives were found to be in . . . . . .

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