Traditional Family = Longevity and a Better Life

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At ninety if the ancestors invite you into heaven, ask them to wait until you are one hundred… and then you might consider it” -anonymous
What allows some people to live to an old age, and others to die earlier? All things being equal (which they aren’t), we all would love to live a long and fruitful life. Barring bad genetics, how does someone maximize his or her chances of living and becoming a centenarian? Recent studies as detailed in November issue of National Geographic and other sources like the Okinawa Centenarian Study, try to lend some light to the darkness.
First though you have to go where there are a lot of centenarians. In most industrialized countries only about 10 people per 100,000 live to be 100 or more. However, in Okinawa, the number is closer to 34 per 100,000. That’s 340% more people living to that age. Take note that they also have the highest fertility rate in Japan with a positive population growth. This means two things. The Okinawa centenarians are living long healthier better quality lives, and unlike their western counterparts they are also having enough children to increase the population. The rest of the industrialized world has had plummeting birth rates.
Okinawa has the oldest life expectancy in the world. The men live to an average age of 78 and women to 86. Not only that, but just like in America, the Okinawa women live longer than their male partners. Not only are the centenarians doing better, but also the . . . . .

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