SEX & SPIRIT - A Conversation with Swami Nostradamus Virato on his Comic Love Events.

Barbara Williams
Although he has the long hair and full beard beard, and looks like a guru from central casting, Swami Nostradamus Virato's smooth sensuous voice, and his mannerisms remind me more of a New York radio announcer. In fact, he was just that back when he lived in New York City and Philadelphia.
Virato, as he is popularly called, has experienced a unique, and panoramic life. Born in Brooklyn, New York, he spent his first career in the world of electronics with major Fortune 500 companies, was married with a family, two-car garage and all that goes with an upscale suburban life.
After his divorce in 1972, Virato, who was then known as Joe Banks, began to immerse himself in metaphysics and alternative lifestyles. He even ran a club in New Jersey called The Love Center, that explored the leading edge of sexuality, more along the lines of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, MD,and the famed Esalen Institute. In 1976, while walking along New York's Broadway, Virato was struck with what he says were "two flashes of light" from "above." He claims it changed his life. He says he moved into a different dimension of awareness . . . . .

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