Spiritual Healing in the Islamic Tradition

Shaykh Hisham Muhammad Kabbani, MD

Renewed interest in spiritual healing methods will only help to further the state of modern medicine as we benefit from the experiences and knowledge of our predecessors in this noble field of healing. Unfortunately, this topic has too often been ignored and dismissed by many contemporary physicians although these remedies have been practiced successfully for thousands of years.
A scientific mind unclouded by preconceived notions is able to discern the validity and utility of a comprehensive approach to health, which includes spiritual healing. Professor John Taylor of King’s College, London asserted: "A scientific investigation can only look into that which is physical. The non-physical realm--be it mental, spiritual, ethereal, eternal or any other so far--has defied scientific analysis.
"There are certainly ways of obtaining knowledge about the non-physical aspect of experience which provides helpful insights of their nature, but the results so obtained are difficult to describe and relate to the general corpus of knowledge….Indeed, nowadays a scientist must take care to avoid being so biased in the other direction that he becomes over skeptical. He may well refuse to believe what is staring him in the face because it cannot be fitted into his materialistic view of the universe….Science has so much evolved since a century ago. It should be able to give a satisfactory answer. If not, the scientific method truly will have been found wanting and could well suffer a blow from which it might never recover."John Taylor, Superminds pp. 55-56
Science And Spiritual HealingAll spiritual healers are true scientists and they have come to the conclusion that behind every creation--be it an atom, cell, or cosmos--a Creating Genius is at work. Therefore, they assert that their patients can be healed by turning to that Creating Genius through devotion, contemplation . . . . . .

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