Revolution: Sex, Dance and Rock'n'Roll

One small step away from starting a revolution
THE powers that be at ScottishPower have to be told about Joel Hanna and Mike Schulster. With their "sex, dance and rock’n’roll" show the two dancers - an Irish dancer and a tap dancer respectively - radiate some serious energy.
Vancouver-born Hanna, the son of an Irish father and a Filipino mother, is small and perfectly formed, with designer stubble, sleek black pony-tail, and size four-and-a-half feet. "I kept growing in other places, though," says the 25-year-old, with a wink.
Schulster, 23, is the perfect contrast to the fiery, black-clad Hanna. An all-American, Schulster’s a New Yorker born and bred. "It was a life of symphony concerts, opera and ballet. My sisters and my mom still ballet dance." He’s all rippling muscles, strutting machismo and distressed denim - a tough guy who dances. If Bruce Springsteen could dance and were 30 years younger, he would probably come on exactly like this.
Meanwhile, people are forever telling Hanna he’s a Prince lookalike, or another Joaquin Cortes. "When did you ever see Cortes do what I do with his legs? Can he kick like that?" asks Hanna, sparking up the first of a chain of cigarettes, after using his legs like rapiers to scissor through one of his sizzling routines in the show.
The hype says that the show could be this year’s answer to Stomp, Tap Dogs and Bounce all rolled into one powerful package. The big difference is that Revolution boasts a live rock band . .

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