Male Circumcision In Africa

Trevor Cunningham, MD, Fred Phelan, Tepilit Ole Saitoti & Others
South Africa has a fairly old history for circumcising. Different communities have very opposing views. The Jewish and Moslem people we know all do. The people from the Cape, so called Coloureds, are a very sexual community and are strongly in favour of circumcision. Of the different black cultural communities, the Zulu nation are scornefully against it. The Xhosa people are generally the most pro, joined by two or three other groups. Of these black cultures, the practice is still very much a initiation rite. There is a large younger movement against it, but I'm convinced that this is only becouse of the frequent injuries incurred, (damage to the penis, Tetenus infection, septicaemia etc.). I'm sure if the Tara Klamp is promoted it will be a great hit.
Among the remaining communities, the Indians are fairly evenly spread, the Asians generally don't, the white community is divided ito basically Afrikaans speaking people and the English speaking commonity. Of these two, the Afikaans people have always 'till now been very against circumcising. This has been changing of late (20 years or so back). The English speaking community has traditionally been very pro. I attended English language primary and secondary schools, and 90% of the boys had been circumcised. It was noted by everyone, who was not circumcised. This made it even more difficult for me to keep my foreskin pulled back, I now had to pull it forward over the head whenever there was a chance that my cock might be seen by other guys. ONLY circumcised guys were allowed to have exposed glanses.
Doctors in South Africa are fairly divided over circumcision, but it is still not a problem to get your son circumcised, with many being very pro-circumcision. I was circumcised by a urologist who is . . . . .

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